Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1)     What are the benefits of hosting a Touch party?

Touch parties are free, fun, informative and empowering! Your Touch Consultant has several goals in mind when you invite her to your home for a party. She wants to show you and your girlfriends an amazing time, create a unique shopping experience, and provide an opportunity for you and your friends to ask questions, and engage in exciting conversation. A Touch party offers the unique experience of seeing, tasting and touching many of our best sellers before making a purchase. We bring the shopping to you, and teach you about the products we sell so that you know how the products we offer will enhance your intimate relationships.

A Touch party is the perfect excuse for a Girls’ Night In, and work perfectly for Bachelorette parties, Brunch or Dinner parties for the girls, or back on the market parties! As a hostess, you'll receive a FREE thank you gift for hosting a qualified party* PLUS a percentage of the party sales in FREE shopping! Your Touch Consultant may also offer additional hostess benefits, opportunities to earn more FREE goodies, and exclusive discounts, so be sure to check in with her often to learn more about her hostess specials! At Touch, we love to treat our hostesses like the queens you all are, and reward you for rewarding yourself with a great night of fun!

2)     What is my responsibility as a hostess?

We want to make your role as hostess as simple as possible! Your role as hostess includes: Compiling a guest list, providing party information to guests, and preparing your home for your party. That’s it!

We’ll help you with invitations, set up check-in calls to assist you with party planning and answer any questions that may come up along the way.  We want you to enjoy your party, so we’ll offer useful tips on planning a low-maintenance party that your girlfriends are sure to love! We recommend keeping refreshments light so that you don’t spend your entire evening in the kitchen refilling platters; you deserve to join in on the fun too!

Your Touch Consultant also wants to offer you a unique, personalized experience – if you have a theme in mind, or special occasion that you are celebrating, let your Consultant know so that she can incorporate it into her demonstration!

3)     How much can I earn in gifts and shopping credits as a hostess?

  • There's no limit to what can be earned in free shopping credits as a hostess! Let's use an example of a party with product sales of $600 (average party sales) to illustrate what you would earn as the hostess:
  • FREE gift for your qualified party*, as a thank you for your hospitality ($15 - $25 value)
  • 10% of your party's product sales in FREE shopping credits (in this instance, your free shopping credits would be 10% of $600, or $60)
  • Once your party sales exceed $500, your Consultant will offer you additional hostess benefits! This additional benefit could be an additional gift, or a percentage off your most expensive item! If you purchased our most expensive item, and your hostess gave you 35% off, you would save $56!

In the above instance, you would have received up to $141 in FREE gifts and shopping!! It's that easy!

4)     How do I locate a Touch Consultant in my area?

Contact us via the form within "Host", and we'll refer you to a local Consultant within 48 hours. If there's currently no Consultant in your area, this is a great opportunity to consider becoming a Consultant, and introducing Touch to your state! Becoming one of the first consultants in an area is a unique and rare opportunity -- we'd love to help you establish your Touch business and reap the benefits of being an area leader! Ask us about our “First to State” benefits!

5)     What methods of payment are accepted at a Touch party?

Always confirm with your Touch Consultant, as she may or may not accept all forms of payment, but typically, you can pay with cash, credit card and/or personal checks. Please note that if you pay with a personal check, it should be made out to your Consultant, and delivery of your order may be delayed until the check has been processed and funds have cleared.

6)     Is there a shipping or processing fee? If I receive my purchased items at the party, do I still incur the processing fee?

Orders placed through Consultants incur a flat $6 processing fee, and this fee is applicable for all purchased items. This fee includes far more than shipping; if your order was received the same day of the party, your Consultant has pre-paid shipping costs on your behalf to ensure that you can receive your purchase in a timelier manner.  If your purchase is shipped, this processing fee covers discreet packaging and shipping of your purchase, or costs associated with delivering items directly to you. We take pride in ensuring that we are protecting your privacy and securely packaging your items. No information other than the Consultant's return address and your name and mailing address will be on the outside of your package.

7)     When will my order arrive?

If you do not receive your order at the party, you can expect it within 7 – 10 days of the party closing. If there is an item on backorder, your Consultant will update you on the expected date of delivery.

8)     Are there any party limitations I should know about?

Due to state law, full demonstration parties are limited to women only, ages 18 and over. No males or children (this includes infants) may be present during a demonstration.

9)     How can I get more information about becoming a Touch Consultant?

We'd love to discuss this amazing opportunity with you! You can request more information about joining the Touch sisterhood through the Contact page, e-mail us at info@partiesbytouch.com, call us at 973-476-0396, or speak with your local Touch Consultant! We offer a competitive compensation package and reward structure, excellent starter kits, and unlimited training! Find out how Touch has changed the lives of so many women, and most importantly, what Touch can do for you!

10) I’ve never sold a thing in my life; could I be a successful Touch Consultant?

Absolutely! The wonderful part about selling amazing products is they sell themselves! If you love our products, you can sell them with ease. Successful Consultants share similar traits – passion, drive, determination and a strong desire to succeed. Everything else can be learned through training!

11) Is there a return policy?

We strive to provide you with the highest quality products, and all accessories in our product line go through a rigorous quality control process.  In the unfortunate event that you receive a defective product, we will exchange the defective product with an exact product within the specified warranty period (please refer to our Warranty Policy for further information).  If your purchase was made through a Consultant, please contact her to complete return procedures on your behalf.  If your purchase was made through Touch Corporate, contact us at returns@partiesbytouch.com, or call 973-476-0396 to obtain instructions for a return.  Due to the nature of products sold by Touch, there is a no-refund policy.  Exchanges will only be made for defective products covered under the Warranty Policy within the warranty period.

For more information on returns, please review our full Return Policy and Warranty Policy.


*A party is considered qualified when product sales reach $200.