About Us

About Us

"Everyone has a flame that burns inside of them; passion that could start a fire if a match was struck to it. Discover your passion. Find your match. Ignite your flame."

Welcome to Parties by Touch! Touch is a New Jersey-based party company, offering a full-line of intimacy enhancement products. Each and every day, we are striving to enhance and restore Touch to your relationships by providing you with exciting products, enlightening information and an empowering experience to ignite your flame!

How Do We Do What We Do?

Touch provides fabulous in-home adult parties for women, but our products can be purchased by all adults (ages 18+) outside of a demonstration setting. We bring a premier line of products into the homes of hostesses for her and her girlfriends to see, touch, taste and smell in a fun group atmosphere. Our hand-picked product line includes beauty and massage products, lubricants and arousal creams, vaginal health products, and a full range of bedroom accessories. Shopping is so much more fun when the store comes to you, and includes your very own fun, knowledgeable and professional Consultant!

Our party style is designed to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment to enjoy time with your girlfriends, discuss topics that have been classified as “off-limits” for far too long, and shop the latest intimacy enhancement products on the market with the help of a Touch consultant. 

How do we provide you with a safe and comfortable environment?

*     Parties are held in a familiar location – your hostess’s home!

*     Our Consultants also use language that is appropriate for all guests, and will not ask you to do or try anything that you are uncomfortable with. We play games that get all willing guests involved, and discuss products for every woman!

*     Our presentation style offers valuable sexual health education information without singling out any guest.

*     Each guest also receives a one-on-one confidential consultation with the Consultant following the demonstration portion of the party. This is the perfect time for you to ask any questions that you weren't comfortable asking in front of the group.


About The Owner

What's my passion? Helping others find their inspiration! Everyday at Touch, we are touching the lives of adults through our products, our story, and the opportunity we provide women.  As a mother who worked in Corporate America for the majority of my career, I was in a position where I constantly had to choose between family and work.  Ultimately, I decided that my family deserved the absolute best of me -- A happy mom that loved what I did both in and outside of the home; a mom that could be available and present, yet still contribute financially to the household. I needed to get creative so that I could earn a living doing something I loved while also increasing my time spent at home. And now, I can provide that same opportunity to women across the nation! I want to help you reach your personal and professional goals. Let Touch help you discover your passion!